7 Best GoPro Training Courses: Free & Paid

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If you’ve just purchased your first-ever GoPro and feel a little overwhelmed by this piece of technology, don’t worry! You are not alone!

While most action cameras are fairly simple to use out-of-the-box, learning to master your GoPro can be a long and difficult journey.

The good news is that there are many online resources that can help you along as you learn to master your Gopro.

In this article, we outline seven of the best online training courses and tutorials that can help you to learn everything you need to know about using your new GoPro.

These courses range from free to paid and cover a range of lengths and detail.

So, read on to find the best online GoPro training course for you!

1. Udemy: The Ultimate Guide To The GoPro Hero 11

This Udemy course is taught by Justin Whiting — a former member of the GoPro Media Team.

In this course, Justin guides students through almost every aspect of the GoPro filmmaking process.

While this course is specifically aimed at users of the GoPro Hero 11, many of the skills taught in this video series will also apply to filmmaking with other versions of the GoPro.

The curriculum covers GoPro shooting basics such as selecting the right modes and settings, understanding stabilization, and using features like timelapse.

The course also delves into GoPro filmmaking techniques, covering concepts such as composition and framing, story structure, and creating shot lists.

With close to a five-star rating and over 120 past students, this course is one of the highest-rated GoPro training courses on Udemy.

This course consists of 3.5 hours of video and, like most Udemy courses, offers successful students a “Certificate of completion.”

At $119.99, this course isn’t particularly cheap. However, Udemy courses can often be found at significantly discounted rates.

Consider this course if you are looking for a strong overall introduction to GoPro filmmaking.


  • The course is taught by a former member of the GoPro Media Team.
  • The course covers basic GoPro concepts as well as more general filmmaking skills.
  • The course is 3.5 hours long.

2. Skillshare: GoPro Hero 9 Camera Masterclass

This Skillshare Course is taught by London-based journalism graduate Joshua McGuigan.

This specific course may focus on the GoPro Hero 9 camera. However, many of the skills taught in this course will likely be relevant to owners of other GoPro cameras, too.

According to Joshua’s course page, this program is designed to “walkthrough the fundamentals of this action camera in order to give students the foundation to go out and start creating their own films.”

These fundamentals and foundations include learning to set up and operate your GoPro, understanding camera movements and transitions in order to create more cinematic content, general tips and tricks, and lots more!

This course has received many positive reviews and Joshua’s teaching style has been noted as clear and thorough.

At a bit over an hour, this course is on the shorter side. That said, SkillShare offers a one-month-free deal before moving to $32 a month, so the value is definitely there.


  • The course covers basic GoPro fundamentals.
  • SkillShare offers a one-month-free deal before moving to $32 a month.
  • Joshua’s teaching style has been noted as clear and thorough.

3. LinkedIn Learning: Video Gear: Action Cams & Drones

This LinkedIn Learning class doesn’t just focus on GoPros. Instead, this training course covers a range of video gear such as drones, mounts, and action cameras in general.

This course is taught by Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman — two LinkedIn learning and video production veterans.

As they guide you through this course, these two instructors will “introduce practical techniques for creating time lapses and other types of shots, developing your footage with programs like Premiere Pro, and keeping you and your gear safe and on the right side of FAA regulations.”

LinkedIn Learning offers a one-month-free deal before moving to about $21 a month.

However, this course is 3 hours and 46 minutes long and most students will likely be able to complete it in far less than a month, making it essentially free.


  • The course covers a range of video gear such as drones, mounts, and action cameras in general.
  • The course covers practical techniques, developing your footage, and keeping your gear safe.
  • LinkedIn Learning offers a one-month-free deal before moving to about $21 a month.

4. VideoSchool: GoPro for Beginners

This VideoSchool course is instructed by Phil Ebiner, a VideoSchool teacher who has taught over 2,000,000 students through his online videos.

In his course, Phil teaches students how to shoot with their GoPro cameras and how to edit the footage they have captured.

On the shooting side of things, Phil focuses on teaching students how to master shooting with manual settings and picking the right action camera accessories to use.

When it comes time to edit, Phil guides students through GoPro Studio — an easy-to-use video editing software created by GoPro with beginners in mind.

Phil will teach students how to import videos and choose the best clips, edit sequences, colour correct, and more.

This course costs $19 and contains around 20 video clips.


  • The course covers both shooting and editing.
  • The course covers shooting in manual mode.
  • This course only costs $19.

5. KelbyOne: How To Use A GoPro

In this KelbyOne course, instructor Mia McCormick teaches students everything they need to know to start using their GoPros.

Mia is a Director and Producer for Bluewater Media and also a contributor to B&H Photo, so she knows her stuff!

In just 38 minutes, Mia guides students through 11 different GoPro-focussed modules.

Some of these include Capturing Still Images, Ultra Wide Angle Tips, and even using Gopros In Cars!

This course may not delve as deep into GoPro subject matter as other courses on this list, but for $29, or as part of a $9.99 per month KelbyOne membership (they have lots of other content), this course is a great way to get going fast.


  • Mia is a Director and Producer for Bluewater Media and also a contributor to B&H Photo.
  • The course is short and straight to the point.
  • KelbyOne is inexpensive.

6. Not Just Colour: Zero-to-Hero Action Cam Masterclass

Jake Rich and Anna Chah of Not Just Colour are two action camera instructors with some very impressive credentials.

Jake is a two-time winner of the GoPro Creator Summit and a successful YouTuber. Anna Chah on the other hand is a GoPro million-dollar challenge winner and awarded documentary filmmaker.

In their course, Jake and Anna focus less specifically on the GoPro camera and instead opt to teach the art of action camera filmmaking and storytelling.

They do this in five modules: Understanding Your Camera, Shooting Action Cam Videos & Photos, Editing Action Cam Photos, Editing Action Cam Videos, and Publishing & Social Platforms.

According to the course’s website, this program is for both beginners and intermediates.

This course is also unique on this list as it is taught on live Zoom calls — as opposed to pre-recorded videos.

This video-call style of learning will cost more, however. While the program can be found on sale, the typical cost is $249.

That said, this course also comes with plenty of extra perks such as personalized feedback on your work and access to a special members-only Facebook group.


  • Both instructors have very impressive credentials.
  • The course is taught via live Zoom video.
  • The course covers the art of action camera filmmaking and storytelling.

7. Jordan Hetrick: The GoPro Hero 9 Video Masterclass

In this course, YouTuber, author, and GoPro Cameras instructor Jordan Hetrick offers students over 100 videos to learn from.

This course focuses on the GoPro Hero 9. However, Jordan also offers courses on the GoPro Hero 10 and the GoPro Hero 11.

The masterclass guides new GoPro users through everything they need to learn — from setting up their cameras to creating and sharing fully edited videos.

Using seven separate sections, the course is also organized in such a way that lets students choose what they want to learn.

These sections include Meet Your Camera, Settings & Modes, Mounting Techniques, Filming Tips & Techniques, Editing, Share Your Creation, More GoPro Tools, and Bonuses.

According to Jordan, “if you want to create videos and photos to show off your talents, share your passions, promote your products or grow your business, this course is FOR YOU!”

At $199, this course is not the cheapest on this list. But with so much content, it may be worth the cost.


  • The masterclass guides new GoPro users through everything they need to learn.
  • The course is made up of over 100 videos.
  • The course is organized in such a way that allows students to choose what they want to learn.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully one of the courses on this list has proved to be the right fit for you!

However, it is important to remember that while you can learn a great deal from online courses, improving at GoPro filmmaking all comes down to practice!

So, don’t feel that you need to pay a lot of money to get better at using your new GoPro.

Just pick a course, learn what you can, and get out and capture something awesome!

Happy shooting!

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