7 Best Floating GoPro Accessories to Keep Your Camera Safe

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If you’re like most GoPro users, you probably take your camera with you everywhere you go.

You never know when the perfect opportunity to capture some amazing footage will present itself.

Unfortunately, this also means that your GoPro is constantly at risk of getting lost or damaged.

That’s where floating GoPro accessories come in!

These handy gadgets keep your GoPro safe and afloat, no matter what happens.

In this article, we will discuss the 7 best floating GoPro accessories available on the market today.

Best Floating GoPro Grips

GoPro The Handler

The Handler is an official GoPro product.

This floating grip allows you to capture footage above and below the waterline with ease.

This grip also features the ability to switch between mounts with a quick release base, making it great for users with multiple GoPro accessories.

Check out the GoPro The Handler Here

Sametop Floating Hand Grip

This product is essentially The Handler built by a third party company.

This means you are getting a very similar device at a cheaper price.

Like The Handler, the Sametop Floating Hand Grip lets you grip your GoPro while filming above and below the water.

One benefit of Sametop’s design is it’s beveled handle which allows for a better grip on your GoPro while filming.

Check out the Sametop Floating Hand Grip Here

AFAITH Gopro Dome

This interesting looking device functions similarly to the previous two entries on this list, with the excpetion of its added dome design (hence the name).

What the dome claims to add is a “distortion free” filming and photgrpahing experience.

Thanks to the dome’s shape, your GoPro footage and photos will see much less distortion than one would experience with a tradiontal GoPro waterproof housing.

Check out the AFAITH Gopro Dome Here

Best Floating GoPro Cases

GoPro Floaty

The GoPro flaoty is another officail Gopro prduct.

This case is fairly straightforward — offering a no-nonsense method for ensuring your GoPro doesn’t sink.

This case’s bright design also makes it easy to spot, should you let it go.

As this case is designed specilly for GoPro cameras, it also features a snug design that won’t obscure any of your camera’s buttons or screen.

Check out the GoPro Floaty Here

GoPro Floaty Backdoor

The Floaty Backdoor is another official GoPro product.

This one attaches directly to the backdoor of your GoPro housing.

The floaty backdoor also comes with an adhesive anchor that can be used to attach it to other surfaces.

The one downside to this option is, of course, its bulky design.

However, when you are using a GoPro on open water, adding some bulk for improved grip might not be so bad.

Check out the GoPro Floaty Backdoor Here

Treabow Floaty Case for GoPro

This product is essentially the GoPro Floaty built by a third party company.

It offers much of the same function at a much lower price.

This product also comes in both the tradiotnal orange color and a neion green.

This design is also argaubly more erganomic for gripping, thanks to it’s concave design.

Floaty Case for GoPro - Green Float Housing Fit for GoPro Hero 7/6/5, Anti-Sink Camera Floater Cover Accessory for Water Sports Surfing Swimming Diving

Check out the Treabow Floaty Case for GoPro Here

Best Floating GoPro Strap

Nordic Flash Waterproof Camera Float

Unlike the other accessories on this list, the Nordic Flash Waterproof Camera Float aren’t designed specially for GoPro use.

However, floating camera staps are a great way to keep your gear both attached to your body and safe from sinking (should it become unattached).

This brand of strap includes a detachable clip — allowing for easy increased versatility.

Check out the Nordic Flash Waterproof Camera Float Here

Alternatives To Floating GoPro Accesories

If you choose not to purchase a floating accessory for your GoPro, there are still a few ways to ensure your action camera stays safe.

One way is to purchase a GoPro case that has a waterproof seal. This will protect your GoPro from any water damage, even if it does sink to the bottom of a lake or ocean.

Another way to keep your GoPro safe is to purchase a wrist strap. With a wrist strap, you can ensure your GoPro always stays hooked to your wrist, should you drop it.

And finally, another way to keep your GoPro safe is to attach it to your body using a GoPro mount. This way, even if you do lose hold of your GoPro, it will still be attached to you.

Final Thoughts

While GoPro cameras are designed to be tough, there are still a few ways to help ensure your camera doesn’t become lost or damaged. By using a waterproof case, wrist strap, or GoPro mount, you can rest assured knowing your GoPro is safe and sound.

So go out and enjoy your adventures worry-free!

By following these simple tips, you can keep your GoPro safe on any adventure.

Happy Shooting!

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